about me

Welcome to my website!

I was once a student, and am now trying to figure out a better way to define myself without the easy structure provided by such a role. In my free time, I enjoy photography, playing video games, reading, and drinking a nice cup of tea (among other things!).

With this website, I hope to contribute to a more diverse, de-centralised web. Here you can find some of my photography, videography, radio shows, and ramblings in the form of a blog. If you have any comments on anything regarding this website, myself, or just want to chat, leave me a comment on my neocities profile! I'd love to hear from you. I also have a guestbook if that's more your style.

Anything not by me (generally obvious) is copyright their respective owners. All source, photography, writing done by me is licensed creative commons. You are free to copy, modify, and re-distribute it in any way you like. All I ask is that you cite me, and that all reproductions are non-commercial.